GPS, Tracking & locating Jammers

2022-11-17 16:42:13

GPS, Tracking & locating Jammers


Models with focus to cover tracking & locating devices. GPS trackers are virtualy everywhere nowdays, and there is no other way to render them unusable unless they are jammed by Jammers 

Tracking & locating possible frequencies :
1    1570-1620MHz GPS L1 + Glonass L1 + GALILEO E1 + BeiDou B1 
2    1220-1260MHz GPS L2 + Glonass L2 + BeiDou B3+ GALILEO:E6 
3    1370-1380Mhz  GPS L3 + L4 
4    1170-1180MHz  GPS L5 + BeiDou B2 + GALILEO E5 E5A E5B
5    Lojack 173MHz
6    WIFI 2400-2500MHz
7    Cell GSM 800/900Mhz
8    2G DCS PCS 1800-1890MHz
9    3G 2100-2170MHz 3W

10  4G LTE WiMax
11  4G LOW WiMax

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