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To protect the sky area,we need the drone detecor and drone jammer.

Anti~jamming module

Anti~jamming module

New to the world:Thermal imaging professional camera drones(INFRARED)

Thermal imaging professional camera drones(INFRARED)

What is a drone jammer?

What is a drone jammer?

What is the best defense against drones?

What is the best defense against drones?

How do you sabotage a drone?

Defeat techniques

RF jamming. One of the most common ways to take down a drone is with RF jamming, rather than listening for drone signals like RF detection. ...

GPS jamming. The second method is the GPS jamming. ...

Spoofing. ...

Directed energy. ...

Drones. ...

Layered defeat.

Can a laser pointer take down a drone?

Can a laser pointer take down a drone?

What is the range of a drone Jammer?

Drone jammers to disrupt remote control and GPS signals

All other drones of 5.8GHz, 433MHz, 928MHz can control a maximum length between 500m and 1,000m.

What is UAV Jammer?

What is a drone jammer? Jammers work by blasting electromagnetic noise at the radio frequencies that drones use to operate and emit information. Effectively, they drown out the conversation between a drone and its operator. This is usually either 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz, which are non-assigned, public frequencies.

How to counter drone systems work?

Obsidian's staring radar can detect and track over 100 targets simultaneously, differentiating drones from birds and other airborne items. By using AI (artificial intelligence) to rapidly characterise and assess targets, the system provides early warning of approaching threats, allowing appropriate action to be taken.

How do you know if someone is using a signal jammer?

How do you know if someone is using a signal jammer?

How to Legally Stop a Drone Attack on Your Facility

Drones can give people the ability to spy on facilities to learn company secrets. The first time you see a drone hovering outside of your building, you will probably want to take immediate action to stop it. Some people even grab guns so they can shoot drones out of the sky.

Unfortunately, the FAA has said several times that shooting a drone is a federal crime. It’s also illegal to damage drones with other tactics. Despite the law, you still need to keep drones away from your building. Start by following these five ways that you can legally stop a drone attack on your facility.

Post 'No Drone Zone' Signs

The FAA has already established numerous No Drone Zones around the United States. These zones typically include areas within 15 miles of major airports. The FAA even makes No Drone Zone signs that you can post around your facility.

Depending on your location, the signs may or may not hold up in court. They will, however, force drone operators to think twice before they trespass on your property.

Use a Drone Detection and Alarm System

Knowing when a rogue drone enters your perimeter gives you time to prepare for how you will react. 911Security’s drone detection and alarm system can recognize a drone approaching from a mile away. The system even knows how to pinpoint the drone’s location, giving you important information that you can use to protect your facility.

Launch a Counter Drone

If you have a drone on your location, you can launch it to intercept the rogue drone trespassing on your property. RED-UAS can train you and your employees to use a variety of techniques and procedures that help intercept unwanted drones. Many of these techniques, including C-UAS tactics, were developed by the U.S. military.

Gather Information About the Rogue Drone

Owning a counter drone gives you an opportunity to track the invading vehicle’s flight path. You may find that you can even follow the drone back to its pilot.

Keep this information safe so you can give it to an agency with authority to prosecute rogue drone operators.

Notify Local Law Enforcement and the FAA

Contact your local law enforcement and the FAA to report illegal drone activity. Give them the information you gathered with your counter drone. The more information that the authorities have, the easier it is for them to prosecute the pilot.

It could take years for FAA to change its rules. In fact, the agency may never take steps to give people and companies more rights to protect themselves from drones. Instead of letting someone get away with spying on your facility, use these legal methods to protect yourself.

How do you stop a drone spying on you?

How do you stop a drone spying on you?

How do military drones avoid jamming?

Military drones (such as the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 which Ukraine is using) have electronic filters to reduce noise and resist jamming, but consumer drones are vulnerable.

customized Jammers

Summit Tech is OEM Manufacturer that make customized Jammers and directly helps you to design your Jamming systems per your project needs. Jammers are used in many different scenarios and to find the best fit for your needs, Summit Tech care a whole spectrum of wireless signal frequencies for every possible application.

Anti-Drone UAV Jammers

 Anti-Drone UAV Jammers

Drones, UAVs, Quad-copters are becoming a nuisance

5G Jammers

5G Jammers

 Blockers for 5G wireless network, 5G phones, 5G cameras and other 5g devices. OEM Manufacturer, worldwide delivery via DHL express, export and wholesale prices.

New 5G frequencies Europe are 3400-3800MHz (most 5G is this freq), 758-790MHz and 1450-1500MHz (some countries did use this new freq like German, Italy, Netherlanders, Switzerland, UK). In America new 5G freq is 617-652MHz

2.4GHz WIFI Jammers

2.4GHz WIFI Jammers

Jammer models specialized to coverage WIFI 11b/g/n 2.4Ghz frequency band

5Ghz WiFi signal Jammers

5Ghz is less crowded frequency band used for stable wireless connections, professional private networks, video and audio streaming, drone remote controls etc. 

GPS, Tracking & locating Jammers

GPS, Tracking & locating Jammers

Models with focus to cover tracking & locating devices. GPS trackers are virtualy everywhere nowdays, and there is no other way to render them unusable unless they are jammed by Jammers 

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